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The founders of Atruity (a start up based in Washington, DC) wanted ideas for the development of an online product that will serve as a toolkit for small businesses to help avoid failure. In essence, the service is to help companies execute a strategic plan and effectively articulate their vision and benchmarks for growth.


Independent role. All aspects. 


There are several business strategy toolkits available on the market that help businesses of all sizes in the journey.


Sketches, wireframes, market research, prototype in Axure RP, and a final presentation to the founder.


2 Weeks.


None of the tools on the market integrated collaboration features that allowed for tracking progress, version control, and get help about strategic business plans, all in one.

As part of General Assembly’s User Experience Design program, I was tasked to develop a strategic toolkit for Atruity, a business to business company, that helps small businesses by providing a strategic business toolkit, e-learning, and a collaboration tool.


I first went over the brief with the client to get an in-depth understanding of the core features that Atruity was looking to create for its users. With this information at hand, I delved into researching direct and indirect competitors; the effectiveness of their features.

Conducting a competitive analysis allowed me to determined what is already in the market, what is doing well, what is not, and what may be missing in the market.

Over the course of my research, I discovered that there were other companies with robust strategic plan toolkits, such as OnStrategy. However, hardly any had a holistic approach that integrated e-learning video components to allow for individual members within a small company to educate themselves on navigating the complex process of developing a strategic plan. Furthermore, no strategic business toolkit softwares integrated a collaborative feature for team members to comment and communicate with each other throughout their process- this is key because research shows most businesses fail, mostly because they can not communicate where they are now, where they want to be, and how they think you can get there.

Utilizing research and best practices, I then began creating the public facing part of the website on Axure RP. This included list of the features, demos, client testimonials, etc. 

After creating the public facing pages of the website, I conducted an open card sort of the necessary elements required in the toolkit. 

Utilizing this research, I sketched out, several iterations of a possible site for Atruity.

I then build out a clickable prototype of the product in Axure RP. It had both a public facing landing page and description pages, as well as, the members side toolkit.

However, after conducting 5 usability tests, I discovered that an intuitive, high level, roadmap feature was missing and was a major pain point. 

I iterated on the toolkit and implemented a roadmap feature.

Next steps for this project is to develop an on-boarding process for the toolkit. 

Lastly, I would also like to build out the e-learning features more effectively, using best practices, make it more accessible to peoples with disabilities and different learning styles by offering a transcription of the video lessons.